All About Teeth Whitening Kits

Getting whiter sparkling teeth is easier than its ever been before. Having whiter teeth helps a person look younger, and so many people are interested in taking years off the look of their body by lightening their teeth. Time and foods that we eat and drink, as well as smoking and prescription drugs, all have their effect on teeth. Thankfully, there are many teeth whitening kits available to buy. Dental professionals have accepted these advances, though of course, they prefer you to come into their office for treatment. There are many options of teeth whitening kits available over-the-counter, as well, in fact, many more options than ever before. All of the teeth whitening kits have pros and cons.

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Teeth whitening kits come for use at home, as over-the-counter kit that will bleach the teeth. There are a couple of kinds. First, there are the kind that include dental trays. With this type, there are clear soft plastic trays that need to be boiled so they can be molded to the shape of your teeth. Once these are finished, you wear them with a whitening gel, usually a low concentration of peroxide, inside them. They are usually worn a couple of times a day for many days. 

Another at home method of teeth whitening kits is a kind that uses whitening strips. The kit will have thin strips sealed individually, some that are identified for the upper teeth, and others specially for the lower teeth. Each packet has a strip that holds a relatively low concentration of the oxidizing agent, usually a form of peroxide. The strips can be worn a couple of times a day, and are more convenient than any other method, as one can continue their normal routine and just take the strips out of their mouth after the requisite 20 – 30 minutes are up. Some brands even boast that no one will know you are wearing them. These are worn for several days, often 7 – 10. For some people, they will have whiter teeth in just a few days, others are not so fortunate. All in all, the teeth whitening kits available in your local store will likely give you whiter teeth, though not usually as white as through your own dentist. 

Let A Dentist Do It

The easiest, quickest, and generally most successful way to get whiter teeth is to have laser teeth whitening done during a visit to your dentist’s office. This method uses 37% peroxide, with a pH of about 7. The entire treatment takes only about 24 minutes, though the visit to the dentist will be closer to an hour (including pre- and post- treatment events). This is usually the most expensive method of using one of the teeth whitening kits, though it can be out of reach of many people’s wallet.

Another alternative that is also at the dentist’s office is to have your dentist do a whitening treatment with a teeth whitening kit available only to dental professionals. Your dentist would create a mold your teeth, and use that to make the custom-fitted bleaching tray. The carbamide or peroxide gel is put into that. The carbamide or peroxide gel will need to stay on your teeth for while you are in the dental office, about an hour. Sometimes they can be used at home, under the dentist’s supervision. 

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