Teeth Whitening in Tampa, Florida

There are things that you should know before you get your teeth whitening in Tampa. It is wise to know what options are available. Also, before starting any method, be sure to consult with your dentist. Some methods are more suitable than others.

Choices for Teeth Whitening in Tampa, Florida:

Laser Whitening
First, there is the choice of getting laser whitening. Laser whitening is the quickest way to get teeth whitening in Tampa. Laser whitening can be done in just one office visit. It needs to be done by a cosmetic dentist, one who has the high-powered dental laser. This is an in-office treatment, where the dentist paints your teeth with a gel, then aims the laser at a few of the teeth at a time.

The laser light activates the crystals in the gel, and that absorbs the energy from the light. The lightening effect on the teeth is increased as the enamel of the teeth is penetrated. This chemical reaction is facilitated by the laser light. This procedure costs from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Laser whitening is the fastest, but it is also absolutely the most expensive treatment for teeth whitening in Tampa. Another option is a more gradual change for your teeth, with an in-office dental treatment. The first part of this treatment takes place in your dentist’s office. The dentist custom fits a tray to your mouth. Once it is the perfect fit, he adds peroxide to the tray, and it is worn for at least 1 – 3 hours, but preferably overnight.

After the initial visit, your dentist will let you use it at home, but he or she will also want to see you again a few times. This is to be sure the bleaching is going as expected, and to see that your mouth is not getting irritated from the chemicals. Your own dentist who does teeth whitening in Tampa will tell you which method is best for you. In-office treatments range from a hundred to a few hundred dollars.

There are also at-home options for whitening your teeth in Tampa. Whitening strips and gels are very popular now, as an inexpensive alternative to the pricey dentist-involved methods. Basically, the whitening strips are left in the mouth for about half an hour at a time, for usually twice a day.

They are not too uncomfortable, and keep the peroxide right where it needs to be. Gels are usually left in overnight, after brushing and flossing. This is the most gradual method for teeth whitening (in Tampa and elsewhere), and the price is much better, too. Prices are under a hundred, and the treatment takes from a few days to a few weeks to get the results you want.

There are also a lot of choices when it comes to picking a whitening toothpaste or floss. In fact, your favorite brands from the past are now probably available as a whitening toothpaste. Unfortunately, whitening toothpaste will only help with the surface stains on your teeth, and not with the color of the teeth themselves. Once your teeth are whiter, they can be helpful in keeping the teeth whiter longer. 


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