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A trip to a dentist’s office is likely one of the least enjoyed activities of Americans today. Still, good oral hygiene is a must, even if it is not enjoyable. However, there is another branch of dentistry called cosmetic dentistry that has a generally more favorable connotation among Americans. Cosmetic dentists perform the majority of tooth whitening procedures these days, which is a common and painless procedure that can drastically and painlessly improve anyone’s appearance.

Tooth whitening is not so much a product of vanity as it is a method of slowing the effects of aging. Most people don’t realize it, but teeth naturally darken over time; therefore, a dimming smile is not always the result of less than perfect oral hygiene, but merely of aging. Tooth whitening is not a procedure that one should balk, because it is not humiliating in any way. On the contrary – it’s simply another method of coping with age, and feeling at home in one’s own aging body.

Tooth whitening is more commonly referred to as bleaching, and is becoming more and more common and accessible as time goes on. Science is constantly giving us ways to improve our appearances and even our self-esteem, and tooth whitening is no exception.

The Procedure

The science behind tooth whitening procedures in Durham seems strangely simple. Oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide are used to naturally lighten the shade of teeth. The enamel structure of a tooth is crystalline and porous in nature, which allows the oxidizing agents better access to stain deposits within the enamel.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Whitening Teeth in Durham

Americans are not the only ones who are seeking help in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Tooth whitening in Durham is becoming much more frequent in modern times as well. Luckily, there are several companies that specialize in tooth whitening in Durham, and are favored by dentists and orthodontists everywhere. Among these are Opalescence, Zoom!, and BriteSmile. Companies such as these use cutting edge, clinically proven technology and employ board-certified dentists. They usually provide complimentary consultations to assess the extent of the stains, and to recommend treatment options.

Most tooth whitening treatments last only an hour, but more stubborn stains may require treatment over the course of several months. However severe, though, it is undeniable that a tooth whitening treatment in Durham will have positive and lasting effects not only on one’s appearance, but on their confidence as well.


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