Jane Products Teeth Whitening Custom Fitted Trays System with 4 Gel Syringes

Jane Products Teeth Whitening Custom Fitted Trays System with 4 Gel Syringes

Features: Custom upper and lower teeth whitening trays (made in our professional dental lab)


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Colgate Tooth Whitening Tooth Paste

Everybody seems to want their teeth whiter these days. We are continuously bombarded from Hollywood and other forms of media that whiter and brighter is better, and when we look in the mirror it is hard to be content. Even if you avoid things that are known to stain teeth – things like coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes, and highly acidic foods – you still are not likely to have the white teeth you want. Other things, like antibiotics (for example, tetracycline given as a child) and highly fluoridated water affect the color of our teeth, as does aging.


Colgate’s tooth whitening gel is applied just like your usual toothpaste. It doesn’t need to dry or stay on the teeth for a long time, and it absorbs quickly and effortlessly. They say it will even remove deep stains, and that it is safe for the teeth. To use it, just squeeze the tube slowly so that both paste and gel come out in equal amounts. (Tube should be stored standing up with the cap shut tightly.) Colgate tooth whitening gel is recommended to be used for two minutes, twice a day, for two weeks. They recommend you continue to use Simply White® regularly to help prevent new staining.

The whitening toothpastes we’ve had till now have worked by removing stains from the surface of teeth via abrasion. Colgate’s tooth whitening product, Simply White®, works even on the deep, intrinsic, stains, and it protects teeth from stain build-up. Simply White® has peroxide, as a dentist would use for whitening, and silica, which helps remove those surface stains, as well as tartar control salts, which helps keep down the tartar that can also make teeth decay or look dingy.

Colgate’s Tooth Whitening Product Toothbrush

Also, Colgate has a tooth whitening toothbrush, which they claim removes stains up to 50% better (when used with Colgate) than an ordinary toothbrush. It does this by having soft bristles that polish and remove stains. They do the bulk of the work of whitening teeth. Then there are specially designed other bristles that can reach in between teeth and along the gum line. And there is a soft rubber handle that helps one to maintain a good grip on the toothbrush while using it. 

Colgate’s Tooth Whitening Product – Simply White

Colgate has introduced a product called “Simply White” that is a gel formula toothpaste. It claims to whiten teeth within fourteen days, and it has a money-back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the results you get using “Simply White,” they ask that you return the proof of purchase from the box and the original register receipt to them along with your reason why you weren’t satisfied. As long as you to this within 60 days of purchase, they will send you a full refund. That’s how much they stand behind their product.